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Celebrating Chick-O-Saurus Rex with Lenore Appelhans and Daniel Jennewein

I hope that when you think BUFFALO, you think Daniel Jennewein. I made his acquaintance when he illustrated his first book, Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten? I also had the chance to meet his lovely writer wife, Lenore Appelhans, … Continue reading

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Prepare Thyselves for Cuteness Overload

Oh, blog readers. I try not to overwhelm. I seek to space out the cuteness over a period of days. But it just didn’t work this time, and so you must brace thyselves for a one-two punch. First up, the … Continue reading

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Bossy Child Becomes Teacher: Beth Shaum Interview

It seems wholly appropriate in this month of love to have back-to-back interviews with teachers who radiate their love of literacy, teaching and books. Today‚Äôs guest is Beth Shaum, sixth-grade English teacher at St. Paul Catholic School in Grosse Pointe … Continue reading

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