Wait. I have a blog?

There will be lots of exciting stuff going on in 2014:

Screaming at the Ump comes out March 4. I get extra nervous awaiting reviews of a novel. (The potential for meanness is greater. It really is.)

Water Balloon, the paperback, comes out in April.

Edgar’s Second Word, illustrated by the purely brilliant Priscilla Burris, hits shelves in June.

And I’m doing a bunch of interesting things—teaching a picture book revision workshop this month at a Michigan SCBWI event. Speaking with three brilliant educators at NCTE in November. Celebrating one of those big birthdays with my sisters in Puerto Rico in February (even though my birthday is in April).

But right now, I’m working awfully hard at treading water. So I think this blog is taking a little break. (It had already been taking a break. But now I’m announcing it.)

I’ll miss you. But I’ll be back.

Anything below this line is not part of my blog–wordpress sometimes slaps an ad or video here.

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1 Response to Hiatus

  1. So excited for you books this year! And can’t wait for the return of your blog 😀

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