Prepare Thyselves for Cuteness Overload

Oh, blog readers.

I try not to overwhelm. I seek to space out the cuteness over a period of days.

But it just didn’t work this time, and so you must brace thyselves for a one-two punch.

Edgar_front[1] (2)First up, the unspeakably adorable cover of my 2014 picture book, Edgar’s Second Word, illustrated to perfection by the great Priscilla Burris.

I did not overstate the cuteness, right? And if you could just see the spreads inside! The book’s not out until June, like almost a year away, but THE CUTENESS!!!!

And tomorrow, an interview on the very day of their picture book’s release with writer-illustrator, wife-husband team Lenore Appelhans and Daniel Jennewein. The book is called Chick-O-Saurus Rex and, as you may have guessed, it’s very, very cute.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow!

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6 Responses to Prepare Thyselves for Cuteness Overload

  1. You did not overstate the cuteness. I love the title. But you know it begs the question…..what was his first word? But then I imagine that’s the point of the book?

    • literaryfriendships says:

      My sisters and I, who used this in just about every book report we each had to write while students at PS 184 Queens, still say to each other, in a sing-song voice, “If you want to know more, read the book to find out.” I wish you could hear the voice–it’s uniquely obnoxious.

  2. Laura S. says:

    Oh, how utterly adorable! When is the release day? Hmmm…. this makes me wonder will I have a cover to look at soon? My first book is due out in August 2014.

  3. rnewman504 says:

    Total cuteness! Love the illustration! Adorable!

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