These are strange times. This week has felt more like four months. We stockpiled before the storm–water, flashlights, canned foods–and also enjoyed some strange serendipity. My daughter’s soccer team fundraiser was selling Yankee Candles, which were delivered the day before the storm. Our house may have been dark, but it smelled like lime-vanilla nirvana.

With the power out, we all read a lot. When my son ran out of YA selections, I handed him Augusten Burroughs’ Possible Side Effects. And I was very alarmed when he said, “Now I understand why you like him so much. He’s just like you.” A lot to think about there.

Meanwhile, after the storm, I started, along with many, taking part in Picture Book Idea Month. This is my second year participating, and it’s another form of stockpiling. The thirty ideas I come up with this November will serve as the large supply gathered and held in reserve for use during a shortage.

I wrote about my own PiBoIdMo success story over on the PiBoIdMo blog last week. That post was also about how much I hated it when other writers bemoaned how there was no time for ALL the ideas they had. I had the opposite problem. But not anymore, reader! Because now I stockpile. I’m not done with last year’s list—there are some there I still want to develop. And some of my shiny new ideas are pretty exciting too.

Like I said, though, these are strange times. This post, sadly, is like the state of my mind. Regular life in our own house, and then, oh my goodness, the world right outside our door. Our neighbors, mostly to the east, up and down the coast, have lost so much. Many are still without power.

It’s that time of year when stockpiling seems like the natural thing to do, and yet so many had everything they owned, their own stockpiles, washed away. Things can change from good to bad awfully, awfully quickly.

Another storm’s heading this way. Be safe, everyone.

And here’s to better days.

About Audrey Vernick

Audrey Vernick writes books for young readers.
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3 Responses to Stockpiling

  1. Audrey and Augusten? The only similarity that I see is that your names begin with AU.

    I wonder who my kids might choose to compare me to somedays!

  2. These times and your post remind me a little of the stockpiling in Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer, except that’s a dystopian teen novel and real life is going to get better. Thank you for the first person accounts of life in the East. I’m signed up for PiBoIdMo this year (as last) but am juggling book deadlines at the same time. Like you, I’m stockpiling for later.

  3. laurimeyers says:

    Thankfully December begins Saturday, and we can say goodbye to November and the “other S word.” Though after November I need an introduction to a different S-word: sit-ups.

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