It is the time of year when I again feel the need to look up the word fallow in the dictionary:

fal·low[fal-oh] adjective

1.(of land) plowed and left unseeded for a season or more; uncultivated.

2. not in use; inactive: My creative energies have lain fallow this year.

I have never had occasion to say that sentence, though I think I’m going to trot it out. What? Work? Oh, no. My creative energies have lain fallow this year.

Overgrown gardens, overfed self, overdue-from-library pile on the verge of nightmare, but still–not ready for September. The weeks ahead are about savoring every bit of summertime joy. The before-it’s-too-late trip to the amusement park, long days at the beach, mojitos in the evening, a little gloating over the Yankees’ dominance, but not enough to jinx them. You get the idea.

This blog has some exciting stuff coming up in the fall, most especially a delicious interview with a non kidlit author you all should know (I suspect the predicted-by-Audrey success of her debut novel will ensure that).

I’m also going to be celebrating the publication of a book that includes essays by me and a few other people you may have heard of, like Sherman Alexie, Isabel Allende, Jeanne Birdsall, Dave Eggers, Daniel Handler, Ann Patchett, etc. No big deal.

And if you’re a teacher-person heading back to school or the lucky relative of a kid headed to kindergarten, the great bibliolinks website has something to say about a certain buffalo who’s doing the same.

But for now, summer.

About Audrey Vernick

Audrey Vernick writes books for young readers.
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