Handing Book Over To Its Subjects

Tomorrow’s a big day.

I’m delivering bound copies of BROTHERS AT BAT: THE TRUE STORY OF AN AMAZING ALL-BROTHER BASEBALL TEAM to the brothers themselves. (The book’s official pub date is April 3, but I know people. I have some copies.)

BROTHERS AT BAT is about the twelve Acerra brothers of New Jersey, honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame as the longest-playing all-brother baseball team of all time. (Yes, there was more than one. There were 29.)

photo courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame

The brothers have heard me read the text to them–so there won’t be any big surprises. They’ve seen the cover. But this–this feels big.

It’s my third nonfiction picture book, but the first time I’ve had this opportunity to present a book to its subjects. Three of the twelve Acerra brothers are alive and all three will be on hand tomorrow. I’m a little nervous.

But mostly, I think it’s going to be a months-long party. I believe all three brothers will be on hand to join me at the big launch event in Cooperstown on April 12, too. Still, it’s a nervous-making situation: handing over my summary of their lives and the lives of their siblings.

I know they’re excited and I am too. As I often remind my children, nervous is just the flip side of excited. I’ll try to flip this one on over.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

About Audrey Vernick

Audrey Vernick writes books for young readers.
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5 Responses to Handing Book Over To Its Subjects

  1. Mary Z says:

    So exciting! You’re the MVP of the kidlit blogosphere!

  2. Be sure to get some photos of the first time they see it. How about contacting the Asb Pk Press? I bet they’d send a photographer.

  3. t says:

    I am so excited since I am one of the daughters of Charlie Acerra (first base). My Dad passed away in 1988. Unfortunately, I live in Florida and won’t be able to be at the book signing but my brother and sister in law will be. Thank you for bringing back the memories. I am very proud of my Dad and uncles. Wish I could be in Cooperstown!

  4. Gail Acerra says:

    I am Gail Acerra daughter-in-law of Paul Acerra, the man was the most kindest human beings that i had ever known. I am glad they are recognized for their story. their story is a real feel good epic.

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