Brothers at Bat: Behind the Scenes

Don’t waste another minute here. Head over to Steven Salerno’s blog this instant for an amazingly informative post about his artistic process and a chance to see some not-used covers for our forthcoming picture book, BROTHERS AT BAT: THE TRUE STORY OF AN AMAZING ALL-BROTHER TEAM.

The book, due out on April 3, 2012, is a Junior Library Guild selection and will be showing up at Scholastic Book Fairs beginning early next year.

See if you can find the cover on which I have a new last name!

About Audrey Vernick

Audrey Vernick writes books for young readers.
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2 Responses to Brothers at Bat: Behind the Scenes

  1. Mary Z says:

    It’s so cool to see Steve’s whole process! The feel is nostalgic and reminds me of my childhood Little Golden Books. Thanks, Ms. Resnik!

  2. Wow. Congrats! I love the illustrations and can’t wait to read it.

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