Buffalo Swag Fun Pack!

The Buffalo Swag Fun Pack

I am a swag sucker. I cannot resist ordering stuff–lots of stuff–with images of my books’ covers.

Now it’s time to share the wealth.

If you would be kind enough to share a back-to-school memory in the comments, that will serve as your entry. It can be a favorite memory, worst, most embarrassing–whatever works for you.

I’m not eligible. But I will share one, to get the ball rolling.

At P.S. 184 in Whitestone, Queens, when weather permitted, we lined up by class in the sprawling chain-link-fenced-in asphalt schoolyard. On one of the earliest days of first grade, I remember nearly bursting with pride when I saw that the upperclassman chosen to lead my class to our room was none other than my middle sister, Beth.

My first-grade class at P.S. 184Q.

I felt, strongly, that I belonged at the front of that line, as close to her as I could be. But whenever our class moved from one location to another, we had to line up in size order. So the privilege of standing close to Beth went to the shortest boy and girl in our class. (All of you who have met me, just shut up. I wasn’t short until I stopped growing in fifth grade.)

I went from elated to near tears in about eight seconds.

close-up of buffalo notebook because it floats my boat

Okay, here’s the loot: one buffalo tote bag, one buffalo notebook, and one signed buffalo book (of your choosing). Lots of buffalo. The contest will end on the last day of August, when a winner will be chosen at random.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Audrey Vernick writes books for young readers.
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12 Responses to Buffalo Swag Fun Pack!

  1. Beth S. says:

    OMG! Want!!! 🙂

    Hmmmm…. A back to school memory.

    On my first day of 8th grade I was really upset at what homeroom teacher I got and even more upset that my arch-nemesis got the homeroom teacher I wanted. I even went home that night and cried about it.

    But by the end of the year, I realized that it was actually a GOOD thing because the teacher I got was so oblivious that we got away with SO MUCH and the other homeroom teacher was more strict than we initially thought.

    Oh the things that were important in 8th grade.

  2. Kris Remenar says:

    My first day of kindergarten, I sat on the carpet with Nancy Bree and Danny Nugent and some other kids I knew from our neighborhood. A new girl sat by herself, quietly crying. I was intrigued, but didn’t move. Soon, the other, nicer children went over to make the new girl feel better. She was the center of attention. I formed a plan. The next morning, Nancy and Danny tried to sit next to me, but I shooed them away. I tried to look really sad so other kids would want to come be my friend. The plan failed. Most of these kids already knew me, and were no doubt put off by my telling them to go away so I could make “new friends” and claim my rightful position in the spotlight.
    And so it began……

  3. Angela Reynolds says:

    My best memories of back to school always involved crayons. I somehow convinced my mother that every single year I needed a new Box of 64 for school. The smell of crayons, and the incredible, wonderful names on those sticks of wax.. I loved going back to school!

  4. kami says:

    Boy this contest is making me feel old! I’m having a hard time remembering any back to school stories. Think. Think. Think. Well, the best I can do is high school because I’ve been unsuccessful with the brain time travel going any further back. So, I start 9th grade and one of my teachers was Mr. Arthur. I had had his wife, Mrs. Arthur for 2nd grade. I walk into class and announce something brilliant like “Your wife taught me!” and he said “I know. She told me about how you used to love those pop tarts. How you brought them in your lunch every day.” What a legacy I left with that second grade teacher, eh? And how embarrassing for a body conscious 9th grader.

  5. Ame Dyckman says:

    I bent forward to scoop up the dodge ball, and my pants split like a vertical smile. I gasped. I clasped. I ran like H-E-doublehockeysticks through the unforgiving sea of giggles and pointed fingers. Into the building. Down the hallway. Into my classroom. Up to my sweater hook.

    Which was bare.

  6. These are so, so great. You all are so great. And Ame, I’m SO sorry!

    Keep ’em coming folks.

  7. Oh, my worst moment came in third grade when Mrs. Anderson leaned over in reading and hit my knuckles (hard!) with her ruler because I guess I was talking…. Oh, the pain and humiliation. I never got in trouble in school again–ever.

  8. J. Anderson Coats says:

    I threw a colossal tantrum on my first day of kindergarten because my teacher put a Tinkerbell sticker on my name tag. I wanted the fuzzy kitten that the girl next to me had. I considered Tinkerbell “too girly and stupid”, and got in trouble for “defacing” my name tag by drawing a big monster eating her. I was punished by being given a new name tag with no sticker. I also learned the word “deface.” It has served me well.

  9. Did you ever see a mother morph into an angry buffalo right in front of your eyes? That’s what happened when my Kindergarten teacher told me to draw with my right hand like everyone else, and since everyone else was doing that, I complied. When I told my mother, she arrived at school the next day. Angry Buffalo Mom…
    Thanks, Mom. Now I understand!

  10. On my first day of kindergarten, I got stuck in the bathroom. It had a heavy wooden door, and I was wearing my slippery dress shoes. I was so small that I pushed and pushed, but my shoes just slid against the tile floor. I was quite traumatized, and after that my teacher always sent us to the bathroom in pairs.

  11. Rita Painter says:

    My memory is of the first year that I was a teacher (1982). I was so nervous, but I tried really hard to make all my equally nervous second graders feel welcome. I always believe that a great book unites us all, so I began to read “Miss Nelson is Missing.” I was using silly voices when I looked up and noticed the superintendent of our ENTIRE school district in the room along with TV cameramen! I was horrified, but he urged me to finish the story (thank goodness I was near the end). He then welcomed the students and me to a new school year. Unbeknownst to me, he tried to visit several schools on the first day of every school year. The kids were so excited to see themselves on TV that evening, but I kept thinking, “My face is almost as red as my skirt!”

  12. The back-to-school memory that is freshest in my mind was my second grade year. I ended up missing the first day of school to go to my grandmother’s funeral. My grandmother had suddenly died of an unknown illness which was later shown to be strep. It was my first real experience with loss…probably taught me more than anything I learned that year in school.

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