Coming Attractions

This is google images' answer to a search for "funny summer."

Summer’s funny. It always looks so long and promising. And here we are, in the August teens. School starts in weeks. I do not have anything resembling a completed first draft of a new novel written. (But I do have a kind of awesome suntan.)

It’s possible that late spring wasn’t the smartest of all times to launch a new blog. This blog.

But you know what’s a really, really promising season? FALL!

And let me tell you, I have STUFF lined up. Including interviews with none other than amazing authors Lisa Schroeder, Laurel Snyder and Linda Urban. (If your first name starts with L and you write awe-inspiring middle-grade fiction, call me. You belong here, too.) Also super-uber talented writer-illustrators Kevin Sherry and Bob Shea.

One thing they all have in common: September releases!*

*and by September, I mean late August through September, of course.

Stay tuned for these awesome interviews and a big buffalo swag giveaway…

About Audrey Vernick

Audrey Vernick writes books for young readers.
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